Should I get Botox sooner rather than later
June 13, 2017
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Learn about Botox Aftercare and best options

We all have a little different aftercare for the Botox injections. Some prefer patients to stay upright for 4 hours after the treatment on the basis that it will keep the product from migrating.
Some ask you to move the muscles a few times after the treatment during the first hour to keep flexibility in the core area.

We feel the important thing for you not to do  is to massage the treated areas, we might  give you a slight massage in certain areas to compensate but we certainly would not touch the treated areas…just let us do the massage. In addition we advise our patients to restrain from any physical exercise for  the rest of the day after the treatment as this could cause the product to migrate or spread.

The main importance with Botox is minimising the risking of spreading beyond the treated areas that is why we try to advise on what not to do for at least the 1st 24hrs after treatment.


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